AimSHOT KT-Pistol Pistol Laser Bore Sight Kit Most Calibers


SKU: MO1005343

KT-Pistol AimSHOT Pistol Bore Sight kit- This kit is designed to bore sight most major pistol calibers. It includes the 9mm laser bore sight along with the 30 carbine (the laser that is used with the pistol caliber arbors) and our top selling pistol arbors. Includes 9mm and 30 Carbine laser bore sight modules, batteries plus AR38/357, AR40SW, AR44REM, AR45COLT, and AR45ACP arbors all in a nice zippered pouch.
Includes 9mm laser bore sight and 30 carbine laser bore sight that is used in conjunction with the included 5 pistol arbors
Machined out of solid brass so no issues with scratching chamber and maintaining close tolerances
Check alignment of optics before hunting season or if you suspect your zero may have shifted
Zippered pouch to hold batteries, bore sights, arbors and removal tool
Includes AR38/357, AR40S&W, AR44Rem, AR45ACP, AR45COLT arbors