Apex Gear Reactor 5 Arrow Quiver - Black


SKU: MO1108722

Apex Gear Reactor 5 Arrow Quiver in Black has a low profile adjustable Cam-Lock that keeps the quiver tight against the bows riser. The Iso-Bridge vibration dampener system eliminates vibration and noise along with the Tru-Touch soft-feel technical coating. The Reactor Quiver can be adjusted for both left and right handed bows.
Iso-Bridge vibration dampener
Thumb tab style gripper design allows for quick/quiet arrow removal
Fits both left and right handed bows
Tru-Touch soft-feel technical coating
Contrasting color rubber hood liner makes it easier to load arrows and won't dull broadheads
Adjustable tilt feature enable user to fine-tune bow balance
Includes rigid aluminum hanging loop for treestand or ground blinds